Transit Near Me

A site to see upcoming bus departures at stops near me


I’ve been using the excellent SimpleTransit for the past few months to look up routes and times for Metro Transit. It got me thinking about the possibility of a location aware transit app. Metro Transit offers some nice public APIs for accessing live scheduling information but the stop information is supplied in CSV format by the Metropolitan Council…

I had been playing around with Datasette so I decided to try using it to build a simple API to return transit stops near an arbitrary location. After some fiddling around I was able to complete a simple version.

With the location data accessible it was simply a matter of feeding values from the browser Geolocation API into my nearby stop API and then fetching NexTrip schedules via the Metro Transit GetDepartures API call.

MN Journos

A leaderboard of local journalists based on twitter follower count.


I wrote the code for this after work one evening. It’s dirt simple. It fetches the users in a twitter list, asks twitter for some basic info about them and then stores the data in a sqlite database. A cron job runs every night to refresh the list.